Nicknames for my baby

I’m a big nicknamer. It’s funny, I’m not really one for nicknames with other adults, but for the small people (human and rabbit) in my life, there are a million nicknames. Barbara is Barbie-Ra a lot of the time. Ned is Noo Noo more than he’s Ned. Gingee was Gigi or Gingiver, and not being… Read More Nicknames for my baby


Gingee, 2015-2018

I never thought I’d have to say this. We lost our beautiful Gingee Bunny yesterday. He battled stasis a couple of weeks ago after choking on some food, but had been doing so well. He was fine and ate during the morning but passed away peacefully during the day. He was the most beautiful, gentle,… Read More Gingee, 2015-2018