About the bunnies

Barbara is our oldest rabbit. We adopted her in December 2016. We were told that she was somewhere between two and three years old at the time. However, we now think she may have been nearer eight. Which could make her as old as ten now. What an magnificent age for a bunny!

She has arthritis in one of her front paws, but (as long as she’s kept warm) doesn’t need any additional help. She was neglected and did not get the vet treatment she needed in her first home so she also has some problems with her teeth.

Barbara is an opinionated old lady and has her own Twitter account.

Three rabbits - our inspiration for going cruelty free

Gingee and Ned were two brothers who we adopted in October 2015 when they were just babies, about four months old.

Ned is a tiny little whirlwind who still thinks he’s a baby. He has been very ill many times during his life, but (fingers crossed) now that he’s three, he’s a pretty healthy little man! He has malformed tear ducts which occasionally need flushing. They can get infected very easily. As a result, he often has at least one leaky eye, and half a bald face. He looks a bit surprising, but he’s not infectious and not uncomfortable.

Gingee was blessedly healthy until February 2018, when he choked on some food. Despite everyone’s best efforts, he passed away three weeks later. We miss him greatly.