A letter to Santa from Barbara Rabbit #barbarablogs

Barbara Rabbit is back again after a bit of a break – she’s just so busy caring for her new little human now, you know!

Dear Santa,

It’s me, Barbara Rabbit. I know I’m a little bit late writing my letter this year, so I hope it still gets there in time. I’m sure the magic of the North Pole will make that happen, though!

Now last year, you gave me an amazing Christmas present: a new family!

I can’t believe how much has changed in just 12 months. This time last year I was scared and still getting to know my new human parents. I didn’t want to spend time with my new brothers at all.

And now, I live full time with my brothers, I love getting fuss from my parents, and I have my little baby human. Life is really good, Santa, so there’s not that much that I need, to be honest.

But I can always think of some things that I want.

  • Boxes! Please, Santa, this is top of my list. I love boxes. You can sit in them and sleep in them and sometimes if you’re really lucky your humans will put food in them. They are just lovely.
  • Daddy’s clothes. He gave me an old t-shirt once and it’s amazing. Please can I have some more of his old clothes? They smell like him and that’s really nice and comforting, and they’re all soft and I can burrow into them.
  • Marmite. Once I got to lick Daddy’s hand just after he’d had some and it was all salty. Yum.
  • A vacuum cleaner of my very own. I don’t want to use it necessarily, but I like the loud purring noise it makes.
  • A big red bin. There’s one in the hallway and I think our food lives in there. How amazing would it be to have a gigantic bin of food that I could go to at any time?! It would also make life so much easier for my parents.
  • Shoes. They smell like outside, and while I never ever want to go outside again, sometimes I like to smell it.
  • Chocolate biscuits. They smell amazing.
  • More water bottles. We have six. I want more. I love water bottles.
  • And, lastly, I want the baby to be able to sleep in our room one night. I’ve made her an amazing nest, but my parents will not put her in it and I don’t know why. But we’d have such fun cuddling up together. She’s so lovely and warm, and she likes touching my soft fur.

So, Santa, I hope you can find the time to give me some of these lovely things. Thank you in advance!

Love from Barbara Rabbit