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Writing a will – providing for our four

We’re starting to think about making a will. I know we probably should have done this a while ago, but hey, at least we’re getting round to it now!

Who will look after our baby is an easy thing. She’d go to my parents, who see her all the time and adore her. They’d give her a lovely life. In terms of assets, I’d trust my parents to take care of everything and ensure that there’s money for her when she’s older.

(We need to talk to them about this, of course. But I have no doubt that they’ll say yes.)

I know that people will love our daughter the way we do. We make an effort to have her spend time with different people – she knows and loves people other than us.

But the ones I worry about are our other three children: our bunnies.

We love Gingee, Ned and Barbara as much as we love our human daughter. We have raised the boys since they were little babies, and Barbara has come such a long way since she came to us as a scared frail girl. They deserve the world, these three.

But they don’t know many other humans. They like some of our friends, but they’re all animal lovers and have pets of their own already. We couldn’t really ask them to take on three rabbits, with special needs. (And they need to stay together!) We couldn’t leave the rabbits to live with dogs or cats, either.

It weighs on me a lot, what would happen to the rabbits if we died. They are the main reason I want to make a will.

If the baby outlived us, I’d want them to stay with her. They have a good relationship and I think could comfort each other a little. I think the rabbits would struggle dreadfully with the transition, and having at least one familiar human would be a real help.

That would mean that they’d go to my parents, then. That’s great, because we had a rabbit when I was growing up and they loved him. However, they couldn’t have them as house rabbits. My dad has some pretty severe allergies, and I’m not going to lie, keeping house rabbits is hard. It’s not a lifestyle choice for everyone. But Barbara absolutely cannot go back to being a hutch rabbit.

Right now, I think that our best option would be for there to be some money left specifically for the rabbits. That way, my parents could use it to put together an amazing shed or summer house type building in the garden for them. It could be heated and have some light so Barbara would feel comfortable and safe. It would be by the house so the baby could spend time with them.

My parents are lovely people who know what they’re doing, and I know they’d love them for us. It wouldn’t be the same, and I really hope it never comes to pass, but I know that they’d do their best, out of love for us.

Have you made a will? Is there provision for your pets in it?

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