Wardrobe Wednesday: pretty in pink

I admit, I love buying clothes for my baby girl. She has far too many, probably, but it does mean I don’t need to do laundry multiple times a day! I also get pretty much all of her clothes in the sale. She has a Nana who buys lots of clothes for her as well, so she has a pretty huge wardrobe. Hence, Wardrobe Wednesday.

Here’s one of my favourite outfits from the past week: the vest and pinafore are a set from Marks and Spencer (newborn size, finally fitting now!), and the little bow is from Amazon.

I know she doesn’t really need bows, but it’s a little hair clip, and as her hair is growing so fast, I thought it best to have some clips waiting in case it starts to get in her eyes and annoy her.

The pinafore is velour – so soft, and comes out of the washing machine practically dry already!

Wardrobe Wednesday

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