So you want to breastfeed…?

I’ve written before about my decision to breastfeed and our journey with feeding.

I’m ever so lucky when it comes to breastfeeding. All of my friends with small children breastfeed, and my mum fed me for nearly a year. They’re all happy to give advice, but aren’t overbearing with it – the best kind!

They told me lots about breastfeeding before I started. I didn’t really think there would be any surprises. Turns out I was wrong!

Some things you only learn when you breastfeed…

No matter how comfortable your nursing bra is, there are times you will hate it. Mine is this lovely stretchy thing, but right now I’m just wearing a vest with a button down shirt over it because I cannot cope with the fact that it keeps on riding up in the back. I don’t even know if it actually is riding up or not. But when you wear something for 23 and a half hours a day (I’m being generous and giving myself a half hour window for showering!), you start to go crazy.

It is possible to be too engorged for baby to be able to feed.

You might love feeding and love spending time with baby but sometimes just be absolutely desperate to hand her over to someone else and beg them to give her a bottle of formula.

Half of your photos of baby will be from the top down, and will include at least one of your nipples.

Feeding is a fabulous excuse to get out of being polite and spending time with people. We’ve obviously had quite a few visitors lately, and I’ve tried to make it a real priority to only surround myself with people I’m happy to feed around. Basically, that’s my husband and my parents. But there are some visitors I’ve needed a break from, and it’s been great, because I could hide in our bedroom to “feed the baby” every so often!

You may find yourself saying things like, “No, you can’t latch onto my elbow.”

Nipples are surprisingly stretchy. If you sneeze or baby decides to have a look around while feeding, you’ll find out just how stretchy. And it can hurt!

Also, your nipples somehow get longer. That’s odd. They’re also going to feel really visible, even through breast pads.

Breast pads are allegedly one size fits all. Yeah, they’re not. Also, it’s possible to leak right through them.

You will develop a fabulous taste in weird daytime or overnight TV. Did you know that UKTV Drama shows old episodes of The Bill from 1998?

There will be days you leak and get drooled on so much that you’ll be surprised your bras don’t develop mildew. Also, milk can make the inside of the bra stiff and scratchy. And painful.

Breast pads are like socks. You put an even number in the wash and an odd number comes out. How? I have no idea.

It’s possible for someone without teeth to still give a very good impression of biting!

Baby will try and latch on to your non-lactating partner. This amuses me so I try and encourage it. She’s not had any luck with him yet, but maybe one day!

The look your baby gives you just before a feed is the best thing in the world.

The look from baby just before a breastfeed

Unless it’s the look you get just after. Milk drunk is a rather lovely thing.

Milk drunk baby!

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  1. Ha, this post really brings back some memories!! Especially the “avoiding” visitors. I was pretty confident feeding in front of anyone but it was nice to have an excuse to leave the room sometimes. Even when they get older you can use the “they get too distracted” excuse to get 5 minutes peace!

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