1. Elise

    You may be secretly blogging, but I am secretly reading ;). I read not only Barbara’s entries (that make me laugh) but also your entries. I feel like the online world is so huge and topics discussed are superfical. I miss communicating with people and knowing there is more going on in their lives then what they ate for dinner.
    So please, even though I am secretly reading, don’t stop!

    • Yay, thank you for reading! I know what you mean – it feels like in the past people used to talk more seriously online, whereas now it’s all memes and everything is so short. Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places these days. I’m definitely planning to continue!

      Barbara was far too busy to blog this week, she told me. Serious hay eating and flopping to do! (She does the most dramatic flops, I love them.) I’ll make sure to sit with her and get her to write something up next week though – she doesn’t get to have too much time off!

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