Nicknames for my baby

I’m a big nicknamer. It’s funny, I’m not really one for nicknames with other adults, but for the small people (human and rabbit) in my life, there are a million nicknames.

Barbara is Barbie-Ra a lot of the time. Ned is Noo Noo more than he’s Ned. Gingee was Gigi or Gingiver, and not being able to call him Gingiver any more brings me to tears.

We rejected a lot of names before the baby was born because I couldn’t work out for nicknames for them.

Juliana would have ended up as Julie, and I wasn’t too keen. Aurelia didn’t really have an intuitive nickname but was long enough to definitely need one.

On the other hand, Josephine got bonus points because of Josie, which I like much more than the full name.

As it is, we didn’t use any of those. And most of her nicknames actually don’t have any connection to her real name!

Some of the nicknames she’s acquired so far include:

  • Baby Robot. This is because, in the early days, it seemed like she was pretty easy to care for – just add milk! Like a robot. Sometimes we replace the R with the first letter of her name.
  • Bababoo. It’s fun to babble at her! It’s most fun to do in a really deep voice.
  • Button. This comes from her Nana, but it fits nicely. She has a sweet button nose. (Baby, not Nana. Although Nana’s nose is nice too.)
  • Yaya/Baby Yaya/Babayaya. She is so vocal, and Yaya is one of the things she says most often. So she’s Yaya!
  • Happy Baby. Because she is. She is the happiest baby you’ve ever seen.
  • Rooooooound Face. Her face is so round. Sometimes it looks like Mickey Mouse – two round fat cheeks and a round chin as well as the round head!
  • Baby Person. Because sometimes it amazes me that she’s an actual person, not just a baby, if that makes sense.

Of course, she also gets the typical “Angry Pants” type nicknames that parents give their babies too. But she hardly ever gets called by her actual name!

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