Looking back at the newborn days

I can’t quite believe that my baby is no longer a newborn! She’s ten weeks old now, and although I’m not quite sure exactly when “newborn” ends, I think we’re probably just into “baby” territory now.

I have absolutely loved the newborn stage. I really didn’t expect to, but she’s just been so much fun. It probably helps that she’s generally a good sleeper, and that I have a lot of support from my husband and my parents.

Of course we have had some difficult times. But we’ve had far more lovely ones! I know I could never list all of my memories of these early days, but I’d like to get some down in writing. The time is going far too quickly, and I don’t want to forget everything!

Some of my favourite newborn memories

Newborn baby

Staring at her for the first time as she was lying in her hospital cot and I was still being worked on in the delivery room. I was too shaky to hold her, but just staring at her was rather lovely.

How she cried that whole first night in the hospital, until we swaddled her.

Her checks the next morning, where she cried so loudly that my mum, three rooms away, could hear her! I had to put her to the breast to calm her down.

Being left alone with her and having to put her jacket on in the hospital. I had no idea what to do.

Introducing her to the rabbits when we got home. They weren’t remotely interested at first, and we had to pick them up and wave them at her to get them to even look at her!

Ned the rabbit with the new baby

Those first nights home from the hospital. We took it in turns to take care of her, so that we could each get some sleep. I was terrified of being alone with her. The nights felt very long.

That very painful day when my milk first came in but she couldn’t latch yet.

How she howled when we had our final appointment with the midwife, at ten days old. And then silence the moment we put her back in the car!

We got cards and post for her every day for about a month.


How she used to “turtle” her limbs up in her sleepsuits, so that you’d go to touch the sleeve and find that both her arms were actually cuddled in against her chest.

Visits to the children’s centre to get her weighed.

How she didn’t even cry at her heel prick test. I don’t even think she woke up!

The time we went to register her at the doctors, and the receptionists insisted on cuddling her the whole time I filled in the forms.

Newborn in the snow

The first time she saw snow.

How her face was all funny and blotchy for a couple of weeks.

My husband’s paternity leave, which she largely slept through! We spent a lot of time holed up in the living room, baby in the carrycot or our arms, me reading and him playing Fallout.

Taking her into work at 13 days old. She slept through most of that too!

Having her hold a little sign asking a friend to be her godmother.

How she screamed through every bath and nappy change. Anything where we undressed her!

Taking her out on my own for the first time. I couldn’t get the pram to work, so I had to carry her nearly a mile through town. I was terrified the whole time!

Taking her round the garden centre with my mum. She slept the entire time, including through our meal and a nappy change!

The three of us sitting together in the living room during the day with the curtains closed, my husband and I passing her between us, and watching all four series of Line of Duty.

How she looked as a funny little hungry caterpillar in her swaddle.

Baby lulls us into a false sense of security before sleep deprivation!

There are a million more, I’m sure of it. I’ve only known her for ten weeks but we’ve had thousands of beautiful moments together already.

And there’s so, so much more to come! I’m so excited. I’m so grateful that I get to be her mum and raise her.

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