Confessions of a bad mummy

I want to start by saying, these confessions are tongue in cheek. I don’t feel guilty about very many things as a mum, because I’m trying my best. My little girl is loved and happy and growing. That’s what’s important.

I try and do a lot of things “right”. But it doesn’t always work out!

My mummy confessions

Sometimes I go for a drive to calm the baby down and get her to sleep. It’s a total coincidence that we only ever drive somewhere that there’s a McDonald’s drive through.

I’m still not 100 per cent sure how to put the pram together. It feels like a fluke that I’ve managed to get it to work a few times. That’s the main reason I use the wrap when we go out!

She hates baths so much that we probably only do one every ten days or so. It’s just such a horrible experience for all of us!

Those lovely middle of the night nursing sessions where we’re meant to be bonding? Yeah, I’m reading Reddit or playing Solitaire on my phone.

We basically spend the whole day in the living room. I’ve set up a nappy changing station down here, and unless it’s bedtime or rabbit play time, we’re in here!

I have been known to give the worst nappy changes to my husband.

The TV is pretty much always on.

I’m not even trying to fit into my pre-baby jeans, but I miss them. I even bought a pair of size ten jeans from Monsoon a few weeks ago but they’re not exactly comfortable!

We have a proper wardrobe in her room, but to make it easier for storage and access, I just keep her clothes in stacking boxes organised by age.

I have mastered the act of breastfeeding, texting, eating Bombay mix and watching TV at the same time.

Baby is twelve weeks old and her nursery still isn’t finished. We don’t even have a mattress for the big cot yet.

Our changing bag isn’t an actual changing bag – it’s just a Cath Kidston Tinkerbell backpack that I thought was cute and that fits everything in.

Sometimes her angry, indignant cry is really cute and funny and actually makes me laugh.

We hardly go to any classes or groups – only one baby sensory class a week. She hates it.

I know breast milk is amazing for her and everything, but sometimes I wonder how good my milk actually can be, given that my diet is mostly sandwiches and crisps – anything I can eat one handed!

My house is a mess. I know I should be tidying etc when she sleeps, but half the time I just sit and watch her!

So those are my mummy confessions – share yours! Use the hashtag #mummyconfessions on Twitter!

2 Replies to “Confessions of a bad mummy”

  1. You’ve made me feel so much better about the fact Bo’s bedroom is about 60% full of our junk and you can’t really get to the cot or his shelves.

    Also the breastfeeding, texting, TV watching and eating thing doesn’t need to be a confession; that sounds like Mummy Multitasking at its finest!

    1. I would post a picture of our nursery but I don’t dare, haha. We need to get it sorted in time for her to sleep in there, but she won’t be in there for another few months at least! You’ve got ages before you need it sorted!

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