40 before 40 – some goals

40 before 40

As I posted a little while ago, I turned 30 recently. I felt a little wobbly about it at the time but I’m over that now! I’m moving on and thinking about 40 before 40. That is, 40 things I’d like to achieve or do in the next ten years, before I turn 40.

I made a similar list for myself (30 before 30) around when I turned 29. However, then I got pregnant and that put paid to quite a few of them! (Mow the lawn every week this summer? Do the splits? No chance. Although quite an amusing image!)

To make this list seem less daunting, and to help me think it through, I’m breaking it down into several categories. There’s a real mix in here of big goals, small activities that just sound fun, things that I’ve nearly done already (have a baby!), and things that are so nebulous I don’t necessarily know how they’ll look when I do achieve them (career satisfaction?).

40 before 40 - my goals

40 before 40: Family and friends

  1. Have a baby!
  2. Maintain a good relationship with my husband, furry children and human child
  3. Find a church community that we are happy with
  4. See my parents at least three times a month
  5. Make some more local friends
  6. Visit far-flung friends more often, or encourage them to visit us
  7. Host a big Christmas or other family gathering
  8. Consistently take family photos
  9. Be proud of my home, and open it to visitors regularly
  10. Encourage our daughter to follow her passions, as well as being a respectful and loving person

40 before 40: Career and finances

  1. Have a job that fulfils me and brings me career satisfaction
  2. Achieve a salary that is enough to live well on, without also relying on my husband’s salary
  3. Make money consistently on the side, possibly passively?
  4. Have an emergency fund that eases my anxiety
  5. Make a will
  6. Donate money consistently to charities I believe in
  7. Have a defined budget for various expense categories, but don’t beat myself up for the occasional frivolous expense
  8. Pay off student loans completely
  9. Overpay on the mortgage when possible and if it makes financial sense
  10. Negotiate bills when possible

40 before 40: Health

  1. Feel positive about my daughter’s birth
  2. Be fully vegetarian – including no occasional fish
  3. Keep consistently on top of my mental health
  4. Get back into exercising regularly
  5. Take a month off from fast food each year
  6. Make more of my own cosmetics and lotions and potions
  7. Get a bike and ride it with the family
  8. Meditate
  9. Model positive eating habits for my daughter
  10. Feel good about my post-baby body

40 before 40: Personal goals – just for fun!

  1. Write a novel or a short story
  2. Support rabbit rescue in some way
  3. Get back into playing the piano
  4. Get back into playing the flute
  5. Take the family to Disneyland Paris, Legoland or somewhere similar
  6. See a show (musical, ballet, concert, play, comedian, etc.) at least once a year
  7. Read at least 25 books a year
  8. See more Grands Prix with my dad
  9. Try ice-skating
  10. See a meteor shower or a falling star

So, I’ve got just under 10 years to get them all completed. Do you think I’ll make it? Do you have your own 40 before 40? (or 30 before 30, 50 before 50, etc?) What are they?