The best bits about pregnancy

Okay, so I’ve realised I’ve sounded a bit negative about pregnancy lately. I need to switch that up, because there are things I am enjoying! So, here are my best bits about pregnancy!

Feeling the baby move.

This is a lot of people’s number one, I suppose.

We have an incredibly active baby, it turns out. We first felt movement at about 16 weeks, and since then, there’s barely been an hour where I’ve not had at least one thump or roll!

I feel like we’re getting to know a bit of the personality in there, and that feels rather special to me. Baby has definite preferences (curry and pizza get excitable kicks, Ariana Grande is an absolute favourite, and woe betide me if I sit too close to my desk at work!) and I love getting to find out what they are.

It took me a while to start to bond with the baby. I feel like my husband bonded right from the start, but for me, it only really happened later on. That was quite upsetting for me, to be honest. I thought I’d be this amazing earth mother sort who had a magical connection to the baby from day one, and I wasn’t, but I feel like we’re very close now.

I dreamt the other night that something had gone wrong and I was so upset – it stayed with me all day.  At nearly 32 weeks, I think I can say there’s a definite bond now. I don’t just want “a baby” – I want this baby, this little being whom I love already.

It feels like there’s a little bubble that me and the baby are in. Everyone else is outside – my husband and my parents are obviously really close as well, but everyone else is much further away. I love this feeling.

I love my body.

It turns out that my body is pretty good at being pregnant. Even though I’ve felt a bit rotten, I’ve had it much easier than a lot of women, I know.

(I realise it’s unwise to say this at not even 32 weeks. I know there is time for things to go wrong. People tell me this often enough!)

Despite months of nausea, the only time I actually vomited was when I had a UTI and was given some massive amoxicillin capsules – turns out pregnancy has rendered me incapable of swallowing pills.

I know my diet hasn’t been fantastic (food aversions are very, very real), but the baby and my own body don’t appear to have suffered. My blood and urine tests come back well, and baby is growing happily on track. Sometimes I just think to myself, how amazing that I can do this. I can grow a human. That has to be one of the best bits about pregnancy.

One of the best bits about pregnancyAlso, I absolutely love my figure right now. Like a lot of women, I’ve had my body issues. But right now, I love looking down and seeing the curve of my belly, love seeing how it strains against shirts. I feel very attractive.

Maternity clothes are so comfortable!

Seriously, everything has elastic. Bras aren’t underwired. How am I ever going to be able to go back to wearing my regular clothes? I am so comfortable right now.

I have an excuse to slow down.

Work has been a bit stressful over the past few weeks (months, years, it’s all the same!). In recent weeks, I’m slowing down. That feels good.

It feels good to cut myself some slack at home, as well. I can sit and read a book or write a blog post and not feel guilty about it. Playing with the rabbits is valuable bonding time.

The rabbits are excited!

A lot of people don’t believe me on this one. But seriously, it’s true. Barbara even blogged about how excited she is!

What are your best bits about pregnancy?


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