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Babywearing and us

Like most expectant parents, we dutifully went out and bought a travel system before the baby was born. But now that she’s here, I find that I’m actually babywearing more than I thought I would!

Practising babywearing before she arrivedWe have two carriers at the moment.

My husband prefers the Baby Bjorn We, which I got him as a birthday present when I was about four months pregnant. He likes the buckles and he can put it on very securely.

Pictured is one of his first practice attempts! Cherry, my old baby doll, stood in for the baby as I was still pregnant at the time.

We’ve been on a few walks where she sat in the We, and she fell asleep each time within seconds. We even went out a couple of days before Christmas, when it was so snowy, and she was still wonderfully toasty and warm.

I don’t like the idea of the We so much myself, and I mainly resort to our stretchy wrap. (We just bought a cheap one from Amazon with good reviews, rather than an expensive brand name – I didn’t want to shell out too much money until I knew if I liked it!)

I know they can seem a bit intimidating, but we used this tutorial and it’s really not as daunting as it sounds. I can pre-tie most of it and leave it on, then just pop her in as necessary.

We babywear around the house, as it lets me get a lot done! I can do the vacuuming, clean the kitchen, do some cooking, on those days when she really doesn’t want to be put down. She might cry a little as I’m first putting her in, but she quickly falls asleep. The movement as I walk relaxes her, and we both really enjoy being so close to each other.

Babywearing around the house

And, last week, we took our first trips out with the wrap too!

We went to Sainsbury’s, which was brilliant. I was able to use a proper trolley, rather than just trying to balance everything on top of the pram. Also, she slept happily rather than being upset by all the bright lights and starting to wail halfway down the dairy aisle!

Babywearing out and about

Then, emboldened by our success, we used the wrap on our way to baby sensory class! More success!

The class is only a five minute walk away, but the wrap still relaxed her enough that she was fast asleep by the time we got there. And, on the way home, she was wide awake but really enjoyed looking around and chattering away to me.

I know we won’t be able to use the stretchy wrap for too long. You generally hear about 15-20lb as being the upper end of the weight limit before the wrap starts to sag and needs to be retied very regularly.

When she outgrows the stretchy, I’ll probably get a woven wrap. I just love the flexibility of wrapping!

Do you babywear? How do you find it?

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