Baby’s first snow

Baby is just over four weeks old now, and we’ve woken up today to find that the world is covered in snow!

We’re getting to the stage now where she’s starting to take an interest in the world around us. She loves the Christmas tree lights, for example. We have her nappy changing station set up just next to the tree, and she stares at it happily during changes. (With the occasional howl, obviously.)

So when I saw the amazing snowfall we’d had here, I thought we had to show it to the baby!

We wandered around the house from window to window, and she was absolutely in awe. She couldn’t take her eyes off this weird new white world she lived in!

The next step was going outside.

Fortunately, my aunt had recently bought her a snowsuit. We’d bought some before she was born, but we got them in 0-3 and 3-6 month sizes. However, my little baby is still (at over a month!) in “Tiny Baby” and “First Size” clothes. We’ve not even really graduated into newborn sizes. She weighs 7lb now, but I’m not sure where she puts it!

So we wrapped her in the lovely cosy snowsuit…

She was very confused by the whole process. “I’m in the house. I’ve never worn one of these big duvet things before. Why are we doing this?! Also, you know I don’t like hats.”

We decided not to go far – just into the back garden. I stood on the back step with her, while my husband made a little snow sculpture on the garden table.

Then we posed her with it. She’d gone to sleep by this point.

We staged a snowball fight photo…

And let her have the rest of her nap in a tiny baby igloo my husband made!

Okay, that last bit is a lie. We let her lie in it for approximately six seconds while we took the photo, then we picked her up and went inside to sit in front of the nice warm fire. Snow is great, but a bit too cold!

(As an end note, we didn’t even consider taking the rabbits out in it. Ned and Barbara both hate the outside and Gingee doesn’t like being cold. As they’re house rabbits, I also don’t think it’s a good idea to expose them to extremes of temperature that they’re not used to – it would probably stress them out far too much. On days like this, I’m very very glad that they are house rabbits. I know how much they love being cosy and comfortable and warm, and I can’t imagine how I’d feel, having three of my family members living out in the cold!)

How are you enjoying the snow?



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