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Baby’s first Christmas – what we did

Our daughter was born in November, so she was just over six weeks old at her first Christmas this week.

I know Christmas can be stressful and miserable for some people at the best of times, so I was determined that we’d make her first Christmas lovely and low-key and relaxed.

My main rules were:

  • We are not leaving the house.
  • I am not cooking.
  • We are not buying millions of presents.

That covers most of the usual stresses, really. And we managed to abide by all of them!

We did not leave the house.

Originally we’d planned to go to Mass, but I felt a bit woozy on Christmas morning. (We haven’t taken her to church yet, partly because I’m still slightly in doubt about my ability to sit on a wooden pew for an hour! My recovery has been pretty good, but I did have quite a few stitches and I do still prefer something padded underneath me.) So we gave Christmas Mass a miss this year. Going next week will still count, right?

We didn’t go and do the family rounds either this year. My parents visited briefly in the afternoon on Christmas Day and we went to them on Boxing Day, but other than that, it was just us. Lovely!

I did not cook.

My husband did instead! I’d bought a Quorn roast, which just got popped in the oven with some frozen veg and potatoes, and then we had a Yule log for dessert. Followed by cheese and biscuits for tea.

Nice and easy!

We did not buy zillions of presents.

I talked about wanting to save money this Christmas a little while ago, and we did pretty well. We bought some thoughtful (I hope!) presents for our nearest and dearest, and did not go overboard for the baby – after all, it’s not like she even knew it was Christmas! We got her two books, and everyone else more than made up for that. She was so spoilt, and we’re so very grateful to everyone who got her something.

So, what did we actually do?

Baby gave us her own little Christmas present – a good night’s sleep! So we didn’t wake until nearly 7am. And even then it was just because my husband had a sore throat and wanted some Strepsils!

She had a feed in bed with us, and then we got up to do rabbit Christmas. We played with them for a long time, and they enjoyed their presents of empty cardboard boxes – and, lest I sound harsh, they loved them. These were the best presents they’ve ever had, from what I could tell!

Then we got dressed and went downstairs to start opening presents. She was so spoilt!

We read her some of her Christmas books. She slept through them.

Reading a book on her first Christmas

Then I felt bad that we’d not been to church, so we watched Carols from Kings. She slept through that too.

Sitting with Mummy at her first Christmas

Then she woke up! She was awake while we were eating, while we watched a Christmas film, while Nana and Pops were visiting, while we talked to Granny and Grandad on the phone… pretty much for the rest of the day!

First Christmas

Including an outfit change!

First Christmas

How cute is this? She has so many Christmas outfits that people have bought her – I have a feeling we’ll be wearing them all the way into January! Also, the expression definitely says, “Yeah, I’m so over Christmas by now. When’s the next exciting thing?”

And we were in bed by 10pm because we were exhausted!

So, we had a lovely Christmas. I hope you all did too!

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