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At six months old, my baby girl

My baby Yaya is six months old. How is that possible?!

Here’s what’s going on in the Bunnies household now she’s six months old…

Baby at six months old

Her favourite toy is Sophie la Girafe. Sophie had to have a bath and then went to sit in the airing cupboard for a bit. When she came back, Yaya was so angry at her. “Why did you go away? I missed you! Oh, come here… I forgive you.”

It’s all about the foot chewing. I’ve pretty much stopped putting socks on her because she just wants her feet in her mouth at all times.


She used to be an amazing sleeper, but for some reason that’s all gone to pot in the last couple of weeks. We used to get seven or eight hours a night, whereas sometimes lately it’s no more than three. And yet she’s not napping more in the day, either. I’m not quite sure where she’s getting all the sleep she needs! (Yes, I am tired.)

No teeth yet (quite normal for six months old) but I’m expecting at least one any day now. She’s dribbling like a fountain and she chews on anything and everything.

happy baby chewing fingers

We’ve started on food – more on that in an upcoming post.

We go to Sing and Sign classes and she’s started doing the sign for milk sometimes. That’s the one I’m most consistent with, although I’m getting better at “nappy” as well. I think those are the most urgent ones for us! She’s also really good at holding her arms out for “up”.

She “talks” all the time. She is the loudest baby I’ve ever come across – some ear-splitting screeches, but mostly just chattering.

We roll over now. I can’t leave her in one place any more!

Next up… moving into the big cot. We’re still in the bedside cot, but we’re in the last few days of that, I think. She loves playing in her big cot bed, but we’ve not braved sleeping in there yet. (Also, I love these sheets! They’re little bird at Mothercare.)

baby at six months old in her cot

Parenting, six months in

How am I finding it? I love being a mum. Yes, I’m tired, but she is amazing. She’s such a happy little person. She gives the best cuddles. I could watch her all day.

We’re in our stride together now. I can put the stretchy wrap on in seconds. Nappy changes happen easily. I don’t feel like a fake when I’m pushing a pram any more.

It feels like I am Mummy. I’m getting to be the kind of mum I wanted to be – I make my own baby food, I breastfeed, and we are so close. She’s my little person, my tiny friend. There are times I’ve fallen short of my pre-baby plans, but none of that really matters. Yaya is healthy and thriving and so, so intensely happy.

baby with a spoon

I can’t believe how fast the last six months have gone.

Earlier, I put Ewan the Sheep on – it was the first time I’d heard his music in months. Suddenly, I was transported back to those first weeks and my heart felt so full. I cried.

I feel so, so blessed.


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  1. Yur babygirl is adorable! It’s fun to read about her little adventures, like the food nibbling and her making baby noises! Simply adorable!

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