April – what shall we do?

Now that the baby is more alert, I really want to do more with her. I’ve been looking at some things we could do in April, based on awareness days, holidays and local events. Here are some of my ideas – I hope some of them are useful for other people as well!

Throughout April

The weather should be getting nicer, so it’s going to be a great month for getting out in the garden and going on walks. We took the carrycot part off our travel system and put the pushchair bit on recently, so she can sit in that and look around a bit more – and there’s always babywearing, her favourite way to travel!

This month starts off with Easter, so there’s always some fun Easter crafts and events. We might try dyeing some eggs, although she’s far too small to do it herself. And of course, her daddy and I will enjoy eating chocolate!

The last week of April is Allergy Awareness Week. Her Pops has coeliac disease, so we’re definitely aware of allergies in this family. Although she doesn’t eat big people food yet, the grown-ups in the family might try some free from meals over the course of the week.

1st April

April Fools Day! I don’t like practical jokes really, as I think more often than not they’re just used as a way of humiliating someone. But I’m certainly on board with spending the day trying to make her laugh as much as possible!

2nd April

It’s International Children’s Book Day! Sounds to me like a good day to stay in and read some of our favourite books. She isn’t that into books yet, but I think we can make something fun happen on this day.

7th April

International Pillow Fight Day! Okay, so my baby is a little young for it this year, but it’s going to be a lot of fun in the future. And maybe her dad and I can stage a pillow fight for her amusement!

8th April

Draw a picture of a bird day! This is such a made-up celebration that I love it. We have to celebrate it! It’s also apparently zoo lover’s day. We live pretty close to a good local zoo, so we may end up taking a trip there.

12th April

Grilled cheese sandwich day. Again, not a huge celebration for the baby, but I think I can certainly do something with this one!

13th April

Plant appreciation day. We might take a trip to our local garden centre, or, if the weather’s nice, just spend some time in our own garden.

It’s also Scrabble day – my husband and I play a lot of Scrabble! I think we should definitely play a game or two on this day.

15th April

International Microvolunteering Day. I remember reading about microvolunteering a few years ago – I work for a charity and I read a lot, so it was bound to come across my radar. I read an article on the BBC website about it, and one of the ideas they suggested was doing a two-minute litter pick. There’s quite a bit of litter in our town, so that might be what we do.

18th April

It’s the International Day for Monuments and Sites. We are really lucky to live in an area with a good amount of history, so we’re absolutely spoiled for choice about where we should visit. I think we might make a decision on the day – a castle, some Roman ruins, we have loads of options!

21st April

International Astronomy Day. Her nursery has glow-in-the-dark constellations on the walls, and we do like our stars. If it’s a clear night, we might go outside and point out some of the constellations that we can see – Orion is usually very visible just above our house.

23rd April

This is a busy one! It’s Shakespeare’s birthday, for one, and also St George’s Day. (It’s her daddy’s birthday, as well!) I think we’ll probably read some simplified Shakespeare stories. There are some amazing Shakespeare for kids books out there, and we bought her one for her first Christmas.

25th April

World Penguin Day! So many options here. We have a penguin sleepsuit that I think she might have to wear. We have some books about penguins (The Penguin Who Wanted to Find Out is a favourite), and we’re also pretty close to the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham, so we may take a little trip out there.

29th April

International Dance Day! We love dancing in this house! Before I got pregnant, I used to take two or three ballet classes a week, and although the baby is far too young for dancing yet, I dance around while holding her a lot. We’ll do a lot of that on this day, and maybe watch some videos of other people dancing.

Do you have any other ideas for April? Let me know if you’re doing any of these!

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