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A sleepy baby and a day full of cuddles

My beautiful girl is so sleepy today.

We had such a busy day yesterday.

We went swimming for the first time, and baby Yaya is now a member of Nana’s gym. She had her first ever shower, and did lots and lots of playing.

Swimming was a huge hit! She kicked and floated and splashed her hands very happily.

And she must have got a lot of exercise!

Last night she slept from 9.30pm until after 5am, and then woke up for her first mummy milk and a little play.

By 8.30am, she was having her second breakfast and then snuggling down in my arms for a good long nap. She slept until after 11am!

Once she woke up, we went for a walk.

We’re really lucky that our area is easily walkable, and I try and get us out for a walk at least once a day.

Yaya loves being outside – watching cars is one of her favourite things to do, and we always have a nice chat and sing as we take our walks.

We got home, I had a quick lunch while she played and then she cuddled up for another feed. Then she alternately fed and slept all afternoon.

She wasn’t even awake enough to have her solid food until nearly 5pm!

I’ve been really enjoying this day, I have to say. Having a cuddly sleepy baby is a bit like going back in time to when my little one was newer and we used to spend long days feeding in front of the TV.

She so rarely naps that today has been very strange yet beautiful. I’m sure we’ll pay for it tonight, so I’m trying to keep her very active this evening! Lots of rolling around on the floor, and I won’t even start the bedtime routine until about 8pm, I think.

I really do feel so lucky to be her mummy.

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