Sleep deprivation with a newborn

sleep deprivation with a newborn

I’m the first to admit that my baby is wonderful. She’s an excellent sleeper in general. You hear about sleep deprivation constantly before the baby arrives, and you dread it, and… in our case it was all for nothing. We regularly get 12-6am stretches, and have done since about day eight. What can I say, girl likes her sleep!

I know, I know, you all hate me now. And you’re about to comment and tell me that she’s not even a month old and it’ll get worse. I know. We just got lucky; it’s nothing we did. But I’m enjoying it right now!

I wish I could bank sleep for when she does regress. Or donate it to other mums.

Saying that, last night was a bad night though. She was a bit snuffly, and I have a cold. (Shout out to my husband who’s just come home with Strepsils and Lockets! Also, I am an awesome wife, because I send him to sleep in the spare room on the bad nights so he still gets a full night.)

We started out the night all swaddled and dummied up. (Yes, we use a dummy. We started on a night when she just wanted to suck, suck, suck like mad, but wasn’t actually hungry. It calms us all and we don’t feel guilty!) We started up lovely Ewan the Dream Sheep, playing his harp music.

Look how cute!

Baby lulls us into a false sense of security before sleep deprivation!

(Poor lighting means bad quality picture – but I’m not about to turn on all the lights just to get a good photo of the sleepy baby!)

We use a bedside crib, so I can just pull the side down and bring her over to me when she needs a nighttime feed, and pop her back in her bit when she’s done and sleepy again. The side goes up when she sleeps.

Last night, she slept for the first bit of the night, but then woke up at 3am. She had a feed, then a bit of a grizzle because she felt snuffly, and then she invented a new game. I think it was called Stare Into My Eyes, Mummy. The rules are simple. Basically, you have to stare into her eyes, and if you close them (because, say, it’s 4am and you’re feeling sick and exhausted and baby wants to drive you to sleep deprivation), she screams. Good game, good game. We played this for an hour or so, and then fed constantly until 10am. Yay cluster feeding!

Quite tired today.