Being pregnant in autumn – making the most of it

pregnant in autumn

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To echo about 70 million other blogs right now, I love autumn. And as this may be the only time I’m pregnant in autumn (who knows?), I’m going to try and make the most of it.

I’m on maternity leave now. So I have plenty of time to just enjoy it.

Here are some of the top things I’m either already doing or hoping to start:

Autumn clothes

Okay, so being pregnant in autumn kind of sucks because I love autumn clothes. The colours, the fabrics, the styles… I don’t think there’s ever been an autumn where I’ve gone into Next and not wanted to immediately buy half the shop. Except right now, I don’t fit into any of my usual autumn favourites. Also, I’m so pregnant that there’s no point in buying anything else at this point.

I’m also feeling really warm most of the time. Some days any closed-toe shoes are a bit difficult, let alone all of my gorgeous winter boots.

So I’m thinking outside the box a little bit. Here’s what I’ve been doing, clothes-wise:

  • I’m channelling any “must buy clothes” impulses into button down shirts. I’m hoping to breastfeed so I want easy boob access, and fortunately there are loads of gorgeous plaid shirts at the moment. Buying a size or so bigger so they fit over the belly and, later on, still fit over the massive boobs. I’m pairing them with some cheap yet cheerful larger-than-usual jeggings (size 14 when I’m usually a 10) from Asda George. I’m not spending too much on any of these, I admit – New Look and Tu by Sainsbury’s are two of my favourites.
  • Big scarves and blankets and cardigans and ponchos! Again, I think these will be good for feeding, particularly in public and hiding a bit of what I’m doing. But one of my favourite things about autumn is big knits, and this lets me get my knitwear needs out of the way easily. I can wear them over long-sleeved t-shirts and feel a bit autumnal, but take them off before I completely melt.
  • Bamboo socks make my feet feel far less sweaty than ones made from other fabrics. Green Treat (sold at TK Maxx) are lovely. They mean that I can actually wear some of my nice autumn shoes!

Autumn candles

Yes, my pregnancy superpower of amazing smell is finally going to come in handy! I love autumnal candles.

Yankee Candles are some of my favourites. I’ve got Rhubarb Crumble burning in our living room at the moment, and Golden Dusk in the hallway.

Autumn walks

I’m pretty lazy these days, so I’m going to try and take a few walks, at least. Baby will need me to get some exercise while pregnant!

Right behind our house is a lovely lake surrounded by trees, and I want to go for a wander there, wrapped up and wearing my wellies. There’s also a great park near my parents’ house, and I’m hoping to get at least one more walk in there before I either pop or am too big to walk too much!

Is there anything more wonderful than crashing through crispy leaves, feeling that chill in the air, knowing that the heat of summer is behind you and autumn and winter are on their way?

I’m also looking forward to getting the pram out and going for some gentle walks when she’s actually here!


I’m not a huge Hallowe’en person, I admit. And, of course, baby may be making an appearance actually on Hallowe’en! Our due date is around the 7th November, so I may not be able to take advantage of this.

But if I can, I’m mainly looking forward to one thing: sweets! I can probably start stocking up over the next couple of weeks in advance. Small packs of sweets and chocolates are probably going to be good for the hospital bag as well.

I’m not so much looking forward to constantly having to get up off the sofa to see to the crowds of small children that come round at Hallowe’en. Going from sitting to standing can be difficult for me these days!

I like the idea of some pregnancy Hallowe’en costumes, but I’m not going to go to the trouble of arranging one when there’s a very real chance I either won’t be able to use it or won’t be able to show it off anywhere. But if I were going to do one, I like the ones that look like a baby is sticking out of your belly – doll arms and legs and some red paint! Might terrify the local children though…

Are you pregnant this autumn? What are you looking forward to or enjoying most?